Glass Painting Ideas

In this segment, I will bring you simple and interesting glass painting designs that you can try out. .Glass painting is relatively similiar to decorative painting techniques except for the paints and medium require. It has become more popular as manufacturers have come out with different brands and products cater to the needs of different painters.

Anyone can paint on glass. My daughters love painting "stained glass" when they are young. (with my supervision) We have spent many hours bonding together through craft. You can do this simple project with your family too!

Refer to the following articles and glass painting tips for more:



Stained-Glass Christmas Ornaments

What you need

dot Ready-cut Christmas ornments
dot Pebeo Vitrea brillant glossy paints
dot Gallery Gloss Simulted Liquid Leading (black)
dot Old brushes
dot Rag ( to clean away mistakes )
dot Cotton buds (to clean away mistakes )



dot Wash ornaments with water and wipe.
dot With a steady hand, squeeze liquid leading to create outlines for a stained glass look.
dot Can create any patterns (see picture for some ideas )
dot Leave them to dry. (preferably overnight)
dot Using your old brush, paint the in- between spaces with glossy paints.
dot For a more opaque effect, you need to apply 2 coat.

Refer to tips for painting on glass.

stain glass

Paints, leading and other simple design to start you off. Just enjoy this art!!!

Tea Light Glasses

dot 4 tea light glasses dot acrylic paints- ice blue,ballet pink, green light, white, berries n cream dotgreen, moss greendot glass medium dot ultra gloss cadmium yellow, cadmium red dotno 2 filbert brush, no. 2 round brush

rose bud tea light


dot Paint smalll flowers with the suggested colours.
dot Layer the paints waiting till it is dry completely. Refer to glass painting tips.
dot Just try out different designs.

I got these tea light glasses from Ikea and will be going back for more. Pack them in a nice box of 4 and it will make a pretty gift for all occasions.