Holiday Gift Ideas

In this holiday gift ideas segment, I will include some simple ideas which made thoughtful and personal gifts for family and friends. Some of these ideas incorporate the use of altered art, decoupage,papercrafts and stencilling.

Christmas Elves

Things you need :

dot Round wooden spoon
dot Red felt
dot Small golden bells
dot Black markers ( waterproof )
dot Acrylic paint ( flesh tone and red )
dot Red pipe cleaners
dot Red wooden beads, orange wooden beads
dot Christmas ornament
dot Glue guns
dot Silver or gold ribbons



dot Paint the wooden spoon red except for the top round end.
dot On the protruded sides of both spoons, paint a 4.5 cm diameter circle with fresh tone.
dot For better coverage, you need to paint 2 layers. ( refer to painting tips )
dot Cut the red pipe cleaner to a length of 15cm.
dot Using a black marker, draw in the eyes and smiling mouths.
dot Cut a triangle from the red felt ( approx. 13 x 13) cm.
dot Fold felt into cone shape (making a hat for the elf )
dot Attach hats on the elves' head with a glue gun.
dot Chain 2 orange beads into the red pipe cleaners. (refer to picture)
dot Attach "nose" onto the "face"
dot Attach red pipe cleaners ( with beads ) onto the spoon.
dot Attach Christmas ornament on the handle of spoon.
dot Tie the ribbon on the handle of the spoon.
dot Your friends will be pleased to have these adorable and festive elves.




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Christmas gift tags


Materials you need:

dot5.5" x3.5" cardstock dot ribbon dot christmas rubber stamp dot StazOn-timber brown dot gold vellum 2"x 2.5"dot embossing tool dot foam mat dot scissors dot glue tape dot glittery glue dot pop dots dot brown cardstock


dot Stamp on the right side of the vellum, that has a sheen.
dot Place the stamped image right side down on a foam mat.
dot Draw the embossing tool over the vellum, pressing down gently to a whitish mark.

dot Emboss all the winter clothes,including the boots.vellum heart
dot Mat the vellum with cardstock, leaving about
2mm all round. Refer matting.
dot Fold the cardstock into half. Refer to
card folding.

dot Attach the cardstock with pop dots
dot Apply glittery glue on the borders of cardstock.
dot Tie ribbon around the card front in a bow.

I really love this effect and tried a few more gift tags as well. Refer to stamping.



snowmenWhat you need

dot die-cut snowman and woman dot acrylic paints; DecoArt buttermilk, french blue, country red, burnt umber, sable brown, light buttermilk , yellow ochre, midnight blue,white; Delta Creamcoat spice tan dot texture paste dot multi-surface sealer dot Loew Cornell brushes; no.4 flat brush, 1/2" flat brush, no. 10 flat brush or no.8 filbert brush, no. 2 round brush, no.10/0 liner, 1/2" mop brush, 1/2" angular brush, bristle brush dot sandpaper dot satin varnish dot tracing

Steps for snowman

dot Sand the wood before basecoating on both sides with buttermilk. Refer to painting on wood.
dot When dry, trace pattern over the surface.
dot Basecoat the hat, "nose", fruit, country red; shawl and straps on hat- french blue; basket- sable brown; Cloth and top hat - light buttermilk, using a no.8 filbert brush or no. 10 flat brush.
dot Use 1/2" brush , load with spice tan, shade the snowman. To shade, wet your brush,pat lightly on paper towel. Load half the brush with paint and blend it on palette paper to soften the colour.
dot Using the same technique, shade the shawl, basket, red hat, the fruit with burnt umber; highlight with light buttermilk.
dot Use a liner to paint the lineworks.
dot Paint the eyes with burnt umber using a no. 2 round brush.
dot Load no.4 flat brush with country red, paint the red stripes on the hat.
dot Use a bristle brush, fly some speckles on the snowman.
dot Apply texture paste on top of hat to create 3-D effects for snow. When dry, paint with white.

The die-cut snowman can be purchased through orders. ( only local). Each snowman cost S$15. Just email me your orders.


Tissue Paper Crafts for Halloween

Author: Jane Morris

Halloween is such a great time of year for children and many adults. What could be more fun than dressing up as your favorite character, animal, food, or even celebrity? Let us not forget the bag filled with candy or the great party! In order to prepare for Halloween you need decorations so why not save yourself a little money this year and make tissue paper crafts for Halloween.

One of the most popular Halloween/treats is the tissue paper ghost! This is a great ghost, a ghost that loves lollypops! It is also very easy to make. You will need white tissue paper, markers, yarn, and a round lollypop. You can easily make a dozen of these crafts in a few minutes time. The first thing you will need to do is cut your white tissue paper into squares (about the size of a Kleenex.) Secondly, you will hold the lollypop in one hand and with the other cover it with the tissue paper carefully so it does not rip. Then you will need to tie a small piece of yarn around the base of the covered lollypop. You can add a bow if you would like at this point or just tie the yarn off and trim the excess away.

Next, using your markers give your ghost lollypop a face and you are all done. These treats are great for trick or treaters, school party treats, or to place in a shallow vase and set on your desk at work for co-workers.

Another wonderful tissue paper craft for Halloween is a pumpkin made out of round Styrofoam ball (small, medium, large, or extra large your choice.) Just cover the Styrofoam ball with orange tissue paper and decorate it. You can purchase your decorative items at any craft store or make them with assorted colors of tissue paper. This pumpkin can also serve as a lollypop treat holder. Once you have completed the pumpkin insert lollypops of any shape into the top!

Now, Halloween would not be complete without a witch so let us take a look at a tissue paper witch! You will need black tissue paper, clear drying glue, shears, and a Barbie doll (dollar store.) You are going to make a dress for your witch out of the black tissue paper the dress does not need to be fancy you can find a Barbie doll dress pattern online just simply use the pattern to create a dress made out of black tissue paper instead of fabric. You can glue it together and slip it on the doll or you can glue it to the doll. If you have trouble finding a pattern you can always make a wrap around style dress simply by wrapping the doll in the tissue paper. Now, do not forget the hat! To make the witch's hat you will need a piece of square paper about two inches by two inches fold the paper sideways so you have a half a triangle shape then place it on the witch's head and glue or tape the ends closed! If you want, a real authentic witch be sure to give her a mole with a brown magic marker, pick up a small black cat at any craft store, and glue it to the witch's leg or in her arms!

Tissue paper crafts for Halloween are so much fun to make and really put you in the Halloween spirit. You can make spiders, zombies (use a Barbie doll just like the witch), or anything you can think of.

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